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Nicotine pouches are bags with nicotine that are increasingly being chosen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars. Nowadays even smokers of shisha, hookah (also known as water pipe) and e-cigarettes, just like the vapers, transfer to the popular pouches. Nicotine bags, nicotine pouches, nicopods, chew, chew bags and all white are different names that refer to this type of product. These pouches are also often referred to as snus.

The product is originally from Sweden and is a derivative of the Swedish "snus", although improved and more important: no tobacco! We believe that nicotine bags will be the future of nicotine consumption in the EU, but also beyond. In Scandinavia and in particular Sweden, the number of smokers has fallen sharply due to an increasing number of people using snus.

The most frequently cited reason for using nicotine pouches is the non-smoking consumption of nicotine. You no longer have the harmful and often carcinogenic substances that are released during incineration. In addition, you are not a nuisance to others with your smoke.


For those who do not want to take nicotine at all, there are nicotine-free variants. These pouches are also identical in use to the all white bags, but without nicotine. In some cases this variant contains stimulants that give you an energy boost, such as guarana. These nicotine-free pouches are also often used as a substitute for energy drinks, which generally contain too much sugar, which is bad for your health. But there are also nicotine-free pouches that have the taste of authentic Swedish snus, for the true enthusiast, slightly peppery, but of course without tobacco.


You usually place the bags between your gums and upper lip. Here you let them sit quietly, until you notice that the content is going to work. So don't chew or suck on it, but wait patiently. After a few minutes you often feel a slight tingling sensation, after which the effect of the bags can be felt quite quickly. 

The bags do not stain your teeth and come in a wide range of flavours and strengths. The bags contain natural fibers, fresh flavours, nicotine and a little chewing gum that softens the bags so that it fits comfortably under your lip. 

The bags are supplied in plastic containers. Usually there is a compartment in the lid of each container where used bags can be stored temporarily. Always throw your used bags in the waste bin and never on the street. 


CBD (cannabidiol) is a substance found in hash or weed, and CBD has been used more and more in recent years for its benefits that people experience. CBD gives you a pleasant and calm feeling. For example, it would help against various complaints such as: sleeping problems, anxiety attacks, epilepsy, chronic pain, psychoses and more. CBD itself has no psychoactive effects, such as THC. You can get 'high' from THC, which will not happen with CBD.

A number of studies have shown that CBD helps against epileptic seizures.It would also inhibit fear.It also seems to help against nausea and possibly rheumatoid arthritis. The scientific evidence is not yet conclusive for all applications. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis oil may benefit some people.

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