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Nicotine pouches are bags of powder containing nicotine. These nicotine-derived tobacco products contain either nicotine salt or a chewing gum base. The nicotine is extracted from the nicotiana tabacum plant, but the products do not contain tobacco.


Q - How do you use nicotine pouches?
A - Place a bag between your gums and upper lip.

Q - How long do I leave a bag for?
A - This varies between 10 and 40 minutes per person. Always throw used bags in a waste bin and not on the street!

Q - Are nicotine pouches legal?
A - Yes, it is comparable to the use of nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

Q - Can I use nicotine pouches everywhere? Also in public areas?
A - Yes, you can use them everywhere. Unlike smoking, you're bothering no one!


Q - Is nicotine addictive?
A - Yes, nicotine is addictive, both physically and mentally.

Q - I am not yet 18. Can I buy and try nicotine pouches?
A - No, we do not sell to people under 18.

Q - I want to quit smoking. Are nicotine pouches a good help?
A - Yes, because you ingest nicotine, you have little or no appetite for a cigarette.

Q - I still smoke now. Can I quit smoking faster by using nicotine pouches?
A - Yes, because your nicotine level stays up, you have less desire to smoke.

Q - Can you use nicotine pouches in combination with drugs or alcohol?
A - We do not recommend this because the effects can vary greatly per person. So beware of experimenting!

Q - I'm pregnant. Can I use nicotine pouches?
A - No, nicotine can have serious, adverse consequences for yourself and the baby during pregnancy.

Q - Do nicotine pouches contain tobacco?
A - No, nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco free.

Q - Is original snus the same as nicotine pouches?
A - No, original snus usually contains tobacco. Nicotine pouches don't.

Q - Why does everyone call nicotine pouches snus?
A - Because it seems to be an equivalent product for most people.


Q - My nicotine pouches are yellowish in color. Is this bad?
A - No, nicotine often naturally turns yellow. For example, people who smoke a lot often get yellow fingers or nails.

Q - I have kept my nicotine pouches for too long and they have now passed their expiry date. Can I still use them?
A - Yes, you can still use them. The bags can dry out and the effect of nicotine can be a lot less.


Q - I have received a discount code? Where can I cash this?
A - This is always possible in your shopping cart: enter the code in 'giftcard or discount code', but also at your check-out, depending on which system you work with and whether you order via a PC or on a mobile.

Q - I have ordered products on your site, but have not received a confirmation email. What now?
A - First check your spam folder to see if the email has arrived there. Also check whether the amount has been debited from your account. If so, there is a good chance that the order has arrived. Do you want to know for sure? Feel free to contact us!


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